Caladh Harbour is a natural harbour situated in the ‘Swallows an Amazons’ setting of the Kyles of Bute. It is a natural harbour sitting behind the small island of Eilean Dubh (Black Island) which has been used as a private cemetery for the Clark family, (of shoe fame) former owner of the associated mainland estate. The  original estate house has since been demolished however the original Boat House and nissen styled boat shed & ruined small light keepers cottage remain as a cluster all facing the small harbour.

Caladh Argyll & Bute RESIDENTIAL CLIENT Private Individual DETAILS Housing VALUE £ 350 k

Our clients asked us to convert the original boat shed into a holiday cottage, to remove remove derelict barrel vaulted corrugated shed and replace it with new and more romantic boat shed and refurbish/rebuild the light keepers cottage.

The original boat shed was a low slung building split into three sections by low valley gutters. It had brick on end floors to match the launch way and solid stone walls with arched openings in the gables. A thorough refurbishment of the roof and re-conditioning of the finials feft us with a weather tight shell. A new island kitchen unit was formed under the valley section, lit by a series of small velux roof lights running along the valley. A sitting area was formed at the gable ends with new arched toped opening french windows fitted to the existing openings.