and enclosure for quieter and more private Living.

The remaining bedrooms (3) are on the lower floor each with its own en-suite and storage, intended for visiting family and friends. Each has similar views to the lounge above and has sliding glass windows, giving access to a paved patio area that terminates with a haha.

Whilst the building is contemporary in design, the materials and colours used in its elevations are intended to offer a degree of camouflage, It is 'of the land' minimising its visual disturbance in the landscape. It is heated by an underfloor system in conjunction with ground source heat recovery assisted by an air source heat recovery system which not only gives and even heat throughout the house but offers a level of temperature stability and protection from overheating in the summer months.

RESIDENTIAL CLIENT Private Individual DETAILS Housing VALUE £ 600k


The site at kilchrenan offered an almost perfect opportunity to design and build a new house. The site was south facing on an elevated slope overlooking Loch awe and onwards to the grandeur of of an disturbed highland landscape stretching beyond.

The house sits in a shallow valley at the top of the site which became the source for the new roofscape, its angles reflecting the slopes on either side. The large glass box hangs beneath the soaring roofs landing on a suspended tray which becomes the external deck, the main bedroom floor sits below this and is partly wrapped in the surrounding hillside.

The open plan interior of the deck level provides spaces for the kitchen, dining area and lounge allowing the owners to spend the bulk of their day living with the landscape and weather. The master bedroom and 'snug' sitting room are located on the same floor but are recessed back to give spaces of retreat