Woodhead Farm Perthshire RESIDENTIAL CLIENT Private Individual DETAILS Housing VALUE £ 2.5m

The interior takes the rectilinear language of the exterior and  immediately translates it to  one of curves as the circular entrance  hall and stair spin before you . The secret spreading cupola delivers a wash of daylight into the heart of the house allowing short and bright communications to all the other principal apartments.


The new house replaces an old farm steading and a collection of derelict barns. It reveals its principal geometries prominently, sitting on top of one of the many hilltops that surround Blairgowrie.

Original concepts ranged from the traditional 'hunting lodge' idiom to the soaring modernist cantilevered wing. Ultimately the direction that fitted was somewhere between the two. The design is in large part rectilinear, its external appearance a balance of vertical and horizontal elements held in place by a cascading shallow pitch roof that borrows its angles from the neighbouring hills. Each section of the facade, a composition of the larger elements reduced in ashlar stone with extruded Palladian notes, set within almost symmetric elevations.